Ranked in the top 3 hamburger & onion rings in ottawa
We are now licensed! Enjoy your favorite beer with our burgers.
All burgers come with aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, sautéed onions, mustard or Dijon mustard.

I remember when HAMBURGERS

Used to be prepared with high quality, fresh ground beef and cooked over charcoal, not fried, "flame broiled", or microwaved. Those were the days when you orderd French Fries you got fresh, hand-cut potatoes cooked just like the chip trucks used to. Indeed asking for a milkshake meant you could rely on getting a generous portion of premium ice cream with real vanilla and real whipped cream. Unfortunately, over the years, that trust has been broken by chain restaurants as they continue to place a higher value on speed, marketing and cost "control" than they do on product quaility.

We decided it was time to take a step back to the simple life, before we all got so busy and everything became so "efficient". Thats why we created Dick's neighbourhood Drive-In. Dick's is a casual burger and malt shop for all ages. We start with the best quality products like Angus Pride beef for our hamburgers and fresh "pure bred" hot dogs made for us by Ottawa's own Sausage Kitchen.

We call them "pure bred" because you will never find any preservatives, nitrates, MSG or filler in any of our products. Our goal is simple - we want to earn your business by serving better quality food.

Welcome back to the 'good old days'. I know you will enjoy the difference!